February 10, 2011

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PALA, CA – The Pala Band of Mission Indians announced today it has received its broadcasting license from the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a radio station on the Pala Reservation. The station is now transmitting on the FM dial at the frequency of 91.3 FM and is the first new, full-power FM radio station in Southern California in nearly 20 years.

You can stream the new station by going to www.palatribe.com and clicking on the “91.3 FM Pala Radio” tab.

“Receiving our broadcasting license is a huge step and proud moment for Pala,” said Pala Tribal Chairman Robert Smith. “It will help us to not only communicate during an emergency, but also represents another opportunity to share our culture through music and special programming.”

The call letters for the new radio station are KOPA and its slogan, which was chosen in a local contest, will be “Rez Radio 91.3.” The station is broadcast with a directional antenna and low power so that it can only be heard on the reservation.

“We have been working for this day for over four years,” said Tribal Council Member Kilma Lattin, who led the radio station project effort. “In a small community such as Pala, there is always a need for accurate, relevant and timely information, particularly during a crisis. The station will be an invaluable tool for community development, sovereignty and governmental support; not just in times of need, but all year long.”

“Current on-air content is primarily a mix of music, but soon programs produced by local volunteers will also be a part of the programming,” said Lattin. “Shows featuring native language instruction, archived recordings of tribal elders and local traditional birdsingers will also be included in the schedule.”

The Pala Tribe has hired Southern California-radio veteran John Fox to manage the new radio station. Fox, who has 25 years of radio experience, has held a variety of positions in the radio industry as a host of several shows, operations manager, program director, sales and even equipment wiring.

The next step will be to create an iphone and Android app to live stream the station.

The Pala Band of Mission Indians has 1,117 members, 650 who live on the reservation approximately 30 miles northeast of San Diego on Interstate 15.  



Pala Band of Mission Indians

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