Pala Band of Mission Indians Stands in Solidarity with other Tribes in opposition to Palomar College Tribal Burial Desecration

February 23, 2012


The Pala Band of Mission Indians stands in solidarity with the San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians, the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians, and all who wish to stop Palomar College from disturbing ancestral tribal sites. The proposed construction of the college’s main road, which connects to its proposed Fallbrook campus and some three large housing and commercial projects, will undoubtedly create irreversible damage to an ancestral burial site that must be protected.

To excavate our ancestors without abiding by the law and protocol that applies to this particular project is deeply disrespectful and a violation of our rights as tribal people. The legal framework that is in place to protect our irreplaceable tribal heritage must be adhered to. Further consultation and cooperation with the tribes is necessary to prevent any further desecration to our ancestors. The Pala Band of Mission Indians will pursue legal action against Palomar College if necessary to protect a site so rich in historical significance and ensure that our ancestors’ remains are treated with the respect they deserve.

Chairman Robert Smith
Pala Band of Mission Indians

Pala Band of Mission Indians

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