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Pala Tribal Housing

PALA, CA – The Pala Band of Mission Indians and the Pala Tribal Housing Department announces the ICDBG CARES Act (Imminent Threat) Grant Award and Funding Availability.

ICDBG CARES Act (Imminent Threat) Grant Award
Funding Availablity

The Pala Tribal Housing Department (PTHD) has funding available. All assistance is provided with HUD funds (federal funds), which means there is a process we must adhere to pertaining to HUD guidelines and requirements as PTHD is subject to HUD Monitoring Reviews as well as required Audits. Please understand that the services provided are as needed as funds are limited. We are not going to go into each home and replace items if they are not necessary. Not every home will have the same need or the same emergency. Job orders/repair orders will depend on what is actually needed. PTHD will be prioritizing senior applications and residents that live in older homes to ensure their homes are up-to-standard as well as assist with handicap facilities while they stay at home during the pandemic.

CARES Act – COVID-19 Related Services – (No Income Restrictions)
This program is to prepare for, prevent, and respond to COVID-19. The assistance offered is cleaning/sanitizing supplies, essentials, propane, ventilation and sanitation, or other related repairs.

If you haven’t applied and would like to, please contact us. Requirements: Application must be filled out completely.

The Pala Housing Department notified Tribal Residents of the availability of funding for COVID-19 related needs as well as Rehab funds. The programs are available for all Tribal Members, based on need, however, we are trying to do what we can to make the seniors a priority. A notice was put on the front page of the Pala Housing Department Newsletter. Samantha Scott from the Senior Department has also been making contact with each senior as outreach for assistance.

As of today, the Pala Housing Department has received and is processing over 130 applications. We are trying to do our best to fulfill applicant needs, so please be patient with us.

Emergency Rehabilitation – (Income Restrictions)
This program is to assist with emergency rehab. We can help with handicap assistance, plumbing, electrical, or any other emergencies or sub-standard living conditions. We cannot fund luxury items.

Each application will be assessed for eligibility and need. Again, this is a HUD-funded program and is subject to regulations and guidelines. Requirements: Application must be filled out completely; the applicant must be income eligible; the applicant must enter into an emergency rehab agreement, the home must be the applicant’s primary and permanent residence.

The applicant must have an active homeowner’s insurance policy. If you need a policy, PTHD will assist you.

ICDBG – Indian Community Development Block Grant – CARES-Act – (No income Restrictions)
As announced in the PTHD’s newsletter, Annalee Trujillo, Executive Director applied for a grant on behalf of PTHD. We are pleased to announce the grant was awarded. Below is a list of approved activities.

Emergency rehabilitation – which will include roofing, insulation, windows, doors, electrical repairs, plumbing, flooring, interior wall repair, handicap facilities, HVAC units, and other related repairs – related to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders (safety and indoor air quality). Requirements: Application must be submitted to PTHD by August 14, 2020, for screening, needs assessment, and processing. We will do our best to process applications as they come in, however, please have patience with PTHD staff while they are trying to assisting everyone to the best of their ability. If you have an emergency, let PTHD staff know immediately. The home must be the applicant’s primary and permanent residence. The applicant must have an active homeowner’s insurance policy. If you need a policy, PTHD will assist you.

  • Sanitary Stations/Playground Equipment Cleaning – Supply sanitary stations at neighborhood playgrounds and sanitize playground equipment. Requirements: None
  • Elderly Cleaning Assistance – PTHD is proposing to sanitize Elder’s homes in an effort to reduce the risk of spread during the pandemic. Requirements: Application must be submitted.

You can fill out an application over the phone or request an application to be mailed to you. We do not encourage picking up an application in the office due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Seniors: Please contact Samantha Scott at (760) 891-3507 and she can assist you with an application. All other applicants, please contact Pala Housing at (760) 891-3529 or (760) 891-3530.

We do encourage you to read the newsletter PTHD sends out so you don’t miss important notices. If you have any questions, please contact PTHD directly at (760) 891-3530.

Pala Band of Mission Indians
For more information contact the Pala Band of Mission Indians:
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Pala Tribal Housing Program
For more information contact the Pala Tribal Housing Program:
760-891-3530 | Pala Tribal Housing Program

Pala Senior Program – Samantha Scott
For more information contact the Pala Senior Program:
760-891-3507 | | Pala Senior Program

Since 2002, the Pala Band of Mission Indians funds and builds homes for tribal members on the reservation.

Home Loans

The Pala Housing Authority is now accepting applications for Home Improvement Loans. The new program allows applicants to apply for funds up to $30,000.00, which are paid back through per capita draws over a 5-year period.

Any tribal member may be eligible to apply for the loan, as long as they do not currently owe monies to the tribe (new home loans and emergency loans excluded). These loans must be used for home improvements and cannot be used for items such as furniture purchases, décor, or window treatments.

Applications can be picked up at the Business Manager’s office located in the Administration Building.

Housing Authority

Since 2002, the Pala Band of Mission Indians has been funding and building homes for tribal members on the reservation. From that time until early 2004, the tribe has constructed over 30 homes and has funded over 22 home additions and remodels. The success of this program has resulted in the formation of a new tribal department, The Pala Housing Authority.

The Pala Housing Authority began designing six new home plans in 2004. The new homes range from 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes to 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths measuring almost 3000sq ft in size. Members who are on a housing list are allowed to pick the floor plan of their choice as well as interior and exterior colors. The homes all feature Italian Porcelain floor tiles in all bathrooms and kitchen areas, as well as a master suite complete with soaking tub

The Tribe has completed 16 new homes and is commencing on a new phase of construction. They will also fund over a dozen home improvement loans for members living on and off the reservation.

Looking forward, the Pala Housing Authority anticipates building small master planned communities on lands recently purchased by the Tribe, which could eventually ensure that every member of the Tribe that wishes will have a new home. The department is also looking into other programs for members such as down payment assistance loans for members living off of the reservation.